We have had a Javelin eddy current now for about 3 years and we are very happy with the unit. We have seen good results on the recovery rate and the unit is also maintenance friendly. I would recommend a Javelin to anyone who is looking for an eddy current.

Jon Schroeder
// Facility Manager

Diversified Recycling

We are a growing company that specializes in “niche” markets and Jim has helped us with solutions that have grown our business. When we were asked to reduce certain metals from our mix, Jim was instrumental in helping us design a production process that met our needs and our budget. Over the years we have installed several pieces of equipment and we have used Jim’s Javelin Eddy Currents to help our production. His equipment is very good and parts are easy to source when we need them. His staff is knowledgeable and work with our operations managers to customize for our needs. One of the things that I believe as a business owner is that if you are willing to recommend a vendor to your associates they better be good. Not only have I personally given Jim’s company‚Äôs name to my associates, they have thanked me for the referral. As we continue to grow it’s very good to know that Javelin will be there for us.

Becky Proler

Southern Core Recycling

After having performed MRF equipment installation, mechanical commissioning, and performance and acceptance testing for many recycling processing systems during the past two-decades, I can say, without exception, that the Javelin Eddy Current Separator outperforms all competitive units, hands-down, bar-none. In 2012-2013, we evaluated the performance of Javelin units installed in major, regional MRF operations in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas. In each application, the recovery rates were off-the-charts.

Joe Sloan
// President

Sloan Vazquez, LLC