• Javelin Eddy Current Separator

    Javelin Eddy Current Separator

    Javelin Eddy Current Separator has the strongest and deepest field in the industry which insures the longest throw which assures more and cleaner UBC recovery for the owners.

    The Javelin ECS is in use at major MRFs around the country and overseas with excellent results. Though we talk of 97% recovery most of our units have to pass more stringent compliance tests. No matter what your volume the Javelin Eddy Current Separator will add to your bottom line.

    Want to see how much MORE you could add to your bottom line with a better recovery rate?  Visit our Income Gain calculator, perform a simple test, and prepare to be impressed with how much more you could be making with a Javelin ECS!

  • Javelin Mobile Eddy Current Separator Unit

    Javelin Mobile Eddy Current Separator

    Introducing the new Javelin ECS Mobile Units

    Same Great Features/Same Applications!  This mobile unit can be outfitted with an ESC up to 60" with no concrete slab required and can be used with ground power or a generator!

    Uses include:

    • C & D
    • Equipment outages
    • All weather operation
    • Stockpile reduction
    • Remove ferrous and non-ferrous materials
    • Long and short throw